While They’re Still Young

Family is an important thing. And children are a very important part of any family. They grow up to be the adults of tomorrow, and the process is one that happens so fast. So as parents, it’s important to start teaching kids the important lessons early. You only have a limited amount of time to make an impression on their minds, before they begin to get swayed by other things, such as their peers or what they see on television or online.

There’s also not much time to enjoy the part where your kids are still very small and wholly dependent on you. It’s a tiring time, to be sure. But it’s also one where a lot of bonding can take place between your little one and you. Try to capture this period of time. There are newborn photography services which will help you to capture the spirit of your interaction and relationship, in still imagery. Also, feel free to take photos and video yourself. These will help to lock in your memories, and will be nice to look at after many years have passed.

Dog Then Rodent Pests

I’m not really having much luck when it comes to animals, it seems. There was the trouble that I had when some dog was able to get into my place. It made a mess and it was a real pain to have to clean up after it. Recently though, I’ve found that there are other animal pests which are making my life rather less pleasant at the moment.

I’ve been looking into an Auckland pest service that has been referred to me. I would really prefer it if I could get rid of the rodents in my place once and for all. After all, I’m sure that it isn’t healthy to have rats on the premises. They’ll probably try to get in the garbage, as well as any food leftovers that might end up being left in the open. I’ve even heard that rats sometimes gnaw on wiring. So they really have to go.

Carpet or Concrete

I’m still annoyed by the fact that I had to clean our carpet after some stray dog got inside. It was not a pleasant experience at all, believe me. In fact, it got me thinking that maybe I should ditch the carpet altogether. You see, I visited someone’s office recently and I noticed that the flooring looked pretty good. I asked what it was and was surprised to learn that it wasn’t some fancy stone surface or tile. Instead, it was actually concrete.

I guess I like the idea that the surface of my place might be something that’s much easier to clean. It would require a lot less maintenance I think, since carpet can be a pain. I’ve been trying to find out more about the particular process. I’m also looking for the best concrete polishing service that I can find. Maybe if things come together alright, I’ll take a long hard look at how to make this happen.

Amerinds and Focus Groups

I just got to thinking that I haven’t really ever been invited to a focus group discussion on anything. I know that me thinking about this is a little bit out of the blue, but it just came to mind because someone I know was talking recently about her own experience. And it makes me wonder actually how many of my fellow Amerinds get invited to these sorts of things. I hope that many of them do. The reason I say that is because, as I understand it, these are the sorts of things that companies use to determine what they do with their products. And these discussions are also used by politicians in order to better understand voters. Or at least that’s one way they’re used.

I think that the best focus groups would include a really diverse set of people with different backgrounds. I think that we would all bring something similar but different to the table, and the discussion would be enriched by our differences. Or at least that’s what I was thinking.

Taking Care of My Photos

I’ve been taking a look at the different photos I have from my recent trip, and it’s been a great way to relive those experiences. It did take a while to get things organized though. I had to go through all the photos to get rid of the ones which were blurred, or not very well taken. Then, I tried to create some sort of story so that it was easier for me to figure out what happened where and with who. Then I did some touching up when that was needed, and a bit of cropping. But on the whole, even if it took a bit of time, I’m pretty happy with my virtual album of photos.

That made me realize though that I need to make sure all that work doesn’t go to waste. I sent copies of photos to the people I was with and I met during the trip. I also uploaded other photos to the relevant social media sites. Still, that really isn’t much of a backup though. So I’m taking a look at some options for off site backup software. So even if the hard drive of my computer gives up the ghost, my photos will still be safe.

The Canine From Hell

Well I got back home again from my trip around New Zealand, and what do you know – some dog had broken into my house while I was away! How annoying is that? Thats a rhetorical question, but its somewhere between running out of gas on the motorway and getting your tooth extracted by a dentist trainee. So I had to clean up all this dog poo off the carpet, and the carpet cleaning was a really difficult job. On top of that, the dog had broken a lamp and a torn some curtains. I know it was a dog and not a person because (a) I recognised the poo on the carpet as being from a dog and (b) the computer and all my expensive stuff was still there, not stolen. There was also a bag of cookies that had been pulled out of the cupboard and torn to shreds and there were pieces of cookie everywhere. If a thief had broken into the house, he wouldn’t have had to open the cookies with his teeth, he could have done it with his fingers. Anyway it was still annoying.

Pride Of The South

I was having so much fun touring New Zealand that I decided to go to the South Island too. I saw Pancake rocks, which were cool because they made me hungry. I saw the Moeraki Boulders (is that spelled right?) which were big ball-shaped rocks as tall as an adult person, and the weirdest thing about them was that they were almost perfectly spherical. I say almost because they had broken open with time, and some of them looked like eggs that had opened. I could just imagine a baby dragon coming out of one of them. I stayed in Mosgiel in Otago for a little while – Mosgiel is a grey area between Invercargill and Dunedin – and that was really nice. Mosgiel accomodation, I have to say, is really comfortable. I met somebody at the Mosgiel motel who liked to play pool, so we went and had a few games together and I think I won more times than he did, but it was close. He was actually sinking a lot more balls than I was but he sunk the black prematurely a few times too. I would rather have won properly actually.

Road-Trip Finale – A Wedding!

So what was I doing having a roadtrip in the North Island, you might ask? My friend from Auckland was getting married and I got a week off work for holiday, so I decided that I would spend some time to see more of New Zealand before the wedding.

It was a really lovely wedding, I think they’re a really sweet couple and I suspect that they will still be a sweet couple when they are in their nineties. I’m really happy for them.

Every aspect of the wedding went well – the food was delicious, there were no drunk people spoiling it for everybody, the speeches were really heart-warming, and they got some marvelous photos of the event. Auckland wedding photography is really good, I saw some of the photos (some with me in them) and they’re really professional-looking, I was quite impressed. My favourite photo I think was of the couple standing together on a wharf, arm around each other with their backs to the cameraman looking at the sun go down on the horizon. I could never take photos like that. No its not ‘girly’, I just appreciate good art, thats all. Talent has to be recognised.

I noticed that it must be really difficult to be a wedding photographer nowadays. There’re so many people with their own cameras at weddings. So that means that people end up standing in the aisles, even standing in their seats, so they can take photos. It seems that every few minutes or less there’s a flash going off. So if you’re the official photographer, you have to take all these possible interruptions into account. It was pretty chaotic at times. But it made me appreciate the work that wedding photographers do.

Til next time,


North Island: Nice Place, For A Holiday

This week I went on a little roadtrip through the North Island of New Zealand. I had a great time! I went trout fishing in Tokoroa, and I saw the military tanks at Waiouru. I went to the Beehive in Wellington and watched the politicians get in a heated argument, and I went up the Sky Tower in Auckland. I was a fully-blown tourist for a week, and I loved it.

Me having a small drink of L&P in Paeroa.

My friend having a small drink of L&P in Paeroa.

I’m a real foodie, eh – I remember most of the towns by what I ate there, even more than what touristy things I did. I had a great time in Whangarei, you would be surprised how good the food was there. Those Whangarei butchers are really good at what they do, that pork was delicious! And the icecream in Kapiti, just outside of Wellington, was to die for, I’m going to hunt some more down in the supermarket when I get back to Christchurch, I hope they have that Rum & Raisin flavour.

Altogether, the North Island was pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Christchurch may be a little shaky on its feet but its where I call home. Am I becoming a Kiwi? Or even an Amerindiwi? America is my home really, but as long as I’m in New Zealand I think I’m going to stick with Christchurch. I’m not really sure why?

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An Amerind Missing Home

Welcome to Amerind Genealogy! In case you aren’t familiar with the word Amerind, its a ‘portmanteau’ (a fancy word meaning the fusing of two words together) of ‘American’ and ‘Indian’. So an Amerind is just short for American Indian. The word Amerind is so much cooler (though I’ve been told it sounds like some kind of fruit peel?).

My name is Ted, and I’m such an ‘Amerind’. I don’t exactly live in America anymore, but I work in an Auckland cake bakery in New Zealand. If I’m an Amerind and a Kiwi, does that make me an Amerindiwi? Maybe thats excessive.

I’m happy to live in New Zealand and have no plans to move in the foreseeable future, but I do miss my home country, and this is why I started this site, because I plan to talk about my Amerind ancestors and family tree. I’ll also probably talk about a whole lot of other stuff, like good food that I like, places I’ve been to, my job, and basically anything else that comes into my head – but I’m free to do that because this is my blog and not yours :p. But I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting.

More later,